Jiwatt – Your Free Workout App and Personal Trainer!

Whether you are at the beginning of your fitness journey or have a strong long-lasting relationship with your gym, you must have a reliable go-to workout app to get the maximum from your workouts. Do you agree?

Our Jiwatt team had been looking for a one-stop fitness app which could us them everything we needed about the best personal trainers and the most effective routines and exercises. However, this search didn’t bring any good results as those resources were not easy to use or didn’t have all in one: workout log and tracker, exercise videos and step-by-step tutorials, a great variety of routines for both women and men. Besides that, we wanted to easily connect with personal trainers who could help us achieve our goals in real-time. Due to the lack of such a tool, we made a decision to do something about it. And this is why Jiwatt was born.

What is the Jiwatt App?

Jiwatt is a supreme, easy-to-use and comprehensive online workout tool. With Jiwatt, you can explore and create your own workout routines, master new exercises from our rich Exercise Database with step-by-step tutorials, log your workouts easily. track your progress and achieve your fitness goals! But its positive impact on the world goes far beyond just that. Jiwatt connects fitness enthusiasts with great personal trainers, and teachers of both spiritual and physical health to those who seek healthier habits and lifestyles.

Why is Jiwatt one of the best fitness apps?

Let’s go through a few reasons why Jiwatt is your must-have fitness app!

Jiwatt is easy and intuitive 

First of all, our free workout app has got everything you need wrapped up in a beautiful and intuitive user interface. You are going to love how easy to learn and use Jiwatt is!

Jiwatt is useful and effective

We have gathered hundreds of built in exercises, routines and step-by-step instructions for you in one app. When you hit the gym, Jiwatt guides you through your workout, so you can focus on putting in the work that counts and brings the results.

Jiwatt is valuable and 100% ad-free

With our advanced statistics, you can log your workouts, track progress and optimise your program for maximum growth. Jiwatt provides you with valuable fitness insights and never bothers you with ugly and intrusive ads. We don’t like annoying ads. Therefore, we made our app absolutely ad-free! What is not to love?

Do I need to pay to download Jiwatt on my phone?

No. You can download Jiwatt on the App Store for free and get unlimited access to our features and rich Exercise Database.

What can I do with the Jiwatt app?

As we mentioned earlier, Jiwatt is a one-stop fitness app for all. With Jiwatt, you can:

  • explore our diverse workout routines for both men and women
  • create your own routine and share them with other if you want
  • log your workouts easily with our ‘Smart Reps’ presets and rest timers
  • master new exercises with our rich Exercise Database and step-by-step video tutorials
  • connect with personal trainers nearby to get a workout program tailored to your needs
  • keep track of your achievements using our workout statistics and smart graphs to visualise your progress

Is this not enough for you? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow Jiwatt on Instagram to get daily fitness motivation, nutrition tips, information about fitness influencers and events and useful fitness tips from our personal trainers! In addition to that, you can take part in our regular giveaways and win great gifts, connect with other fitness enthusiast and join our social revolution that makes workouts simple and enjoyable!

What does Jiwatt want to achieve?

We want to bring everyone together under one ‘roof’ where personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and health professionals are connected by a shared desire for physical and mental well-being. We believe that we can ignite the potential of us all through ‘connectivity’ which leads to feedback, interaction, support and peer praise.

Together we can achieve more!

Jiwatt is one of the best apps for fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers. Download our app for free on the App Store and explore our rich Exercise Database, log your workouts and connect with the best personal trainers near you! Jiwatt – a workout made simple!

Check our website: https://www.jiwatt.com/

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